Welcome to International Diamond & Gem Grading Institute!

Our aim since inception has been to provide clear and concise diamond and gem grading reports with clear and transparent standards, to empower the consumer to be able to buy with confidence any item of jewellery which carries our prestigious report.

All our reports use our tri-route grading system to ensure consistent grading’s to our international standards used throughout the trade for evaluating diamond and gem jewellery.

This empowers the consumer to be able to buy jewellery bearing our highly acclaimed reports with confidence.


A diamond certificate guarantees the diamond’s authenticity. We test for this at the first stage of the process. The second stage is a complete quality description of the diamond; the quality characteristics determine the value. The main quality characteristics are referred to as the 4 C´s:


A report issued by the IDGGI provides clear details of the item that accompanies it, giving confidence to both the buyer and the seller.

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